EasyCAP DC60 Driver Installation Guide


Capture High Quality Analog Video

When EasyCAP DC60 Driver had been released in the market, it become much easier to link your PC up to any video device. This EasyCAP capture adapter is a cheap and easy way to start transferring VHS tapes to DVD. It also protects your precious memories from old camcorder tapes. Record your video-games exploits. All of these possibilities are endless with the use of this amazing tool.

The device takes less than 10 minutes to get up and running, following the provided instructions. Windows sometimes automatically checks if there are available drivers for the new devices you connect to your computer. Most hardware requires a driver to be installed before that device will be fully functional, otherwise the hardware might not be not used or the may not function at all. It’s easy to work these things out and it can save your time and effort. Everything will be easy in just a couple minutes. Just don’t forget to follow all the guidelines.


Hardware and Software

Think of things in more than one way – hardware and software

  • the EasyCAP device wires and your computer is the Hardware
  • the drivers and Ulead is the Software

You should get a disk with the software (Ulead and drivers) with the EasyCAP hardware device.



There are two files on the disk: the original.exe and update.exe.
First, click on each link in turn and download to a directory where you can find them.
If you update the EasyCAP Drivers, you may need unplug the device while you do this.
After installing fully re-boot your computer.

  • you can download both, one at a time
  • to uncompress, just double click on original.exe and update.exe, and place the files somewhere on the hard drive where you can find them
  • now you need to find the setup.exe in the unzipped folders and double click on this to install the drivers
  • you may need to re-boot after setup complets
  • when you plug the EasyCAP device in you may see the USB symbol pops up at the bottom right of the screen
  • now it is installing the actual USB driver, this should disappear after a short while
  • it may say new hardware ready to use
  • try Ulead as shown in the EasyCAP Ulead Vista Fix.


Best practices

  • don’t use the normal windows Control Panel>Systems method
  • double click on the downloaded files and uncompress them into a directory where you can find
  • click on Setup file to start the driver setup
  • install the driver
  • reboot after installing and try it out
  • if this original.exe works you may not need the update.exe file
  • if original.exe fails try the same actions with update.exe



A few notes on EasyCAP DC60 Drivers:

  • generally use the disk first, before plugging in the EasyCAP USB cable for the first time
  • if you update the EasyCAP Drivers, you may need to have the device unplugged while you do this
  • after installing, fully re-boot your computer
  • after re-booting plug in the EasyCAP device
  • it may pop-up a box informing the USB device is being installed
  • allow this to complete before trying the EasyCAP device
  • you can Roll-Back EasyCAP Drivers using Windows System Restore utility, but this has to be used with care
  • a System Restore may try to remove other software as well
  • this could be re-installed afterwards if you have access to that software
  • you may have to uninstall EasyCAP Drivers via the Control Panel
  • the install of the newest EasyCAP drivers should overwrite old drivers without having to uninstall

And now nothing is better when something just works like it is supposed to. Just lucky enough if you got this thing on your hand, that is truly useful little gadgets and it did not disappoint you. So for those who don’t have EasyCAP DC60, grab it now!